Background Music for video

Background music for video

Now you can greatly improve the quality of your videos by adding these specially designed musical backgrounds so that everything you do doesn’t only look good, but sounds good. Music is the perfect art, because it touches you even if you don’t want to.

Mi name is Nico and I’m the composer of all the songs you’ll find on this website. The songs are royalty free so you can use them in all your YouTube videos, wedding videos, audiovisual projects, etc. and also you can monetize those videos without any problem.

background music for video

Visit the store now for videos and start listening to the demos. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect music that matches your projects! You can also write to me, I’m an accessible person and I can compose music especially for you.


What can you do with the music on this website?

Use the background music for videos forever and anywhere. Unlimited License

You can use it in all kinds of online videos: personal projects, YouTube, web pages, you name it. You can use the songs on this website to record your voice, create your own lyrics and have fun recording videos! Also you can freely modify and alter the structure of the song to match what you have in mind.

There’s no attribution required: you don’t need to put my name or the website, although if you want to do it, I’ll thank you very much! Finally, but not least, you can also request the master of each of the songs that are published, for an extra price of course.


What can’t you do with the music on this website?

You can’t resell the songs neither web nor personally, the songs are royalty free but they are protected under international rights. You can’t record your voice and register the songs as yours to collect rights for the authorship of an album, and you can’t upload them to any digital distribution platform neither (such as Distrokid, CD Baby, Tunecore or any other of these distribution media). You can’t collect authorship fees for the songs published on this website.

If you want to use any of these songs and acquire exclusivity rights, contact me. All songs are for sale for your exclusive use if you need it! I am also able to provide you (stems) separated files as master in wave format.


How to Download the music

Go to the main page and search for full song list page. Listen to the demos and add the songs to the cart. You will be able to pay trough paypal secure payments.

Upon paypal payment you’ll be redirected to your download area to get your files. The download area is inside your account. If you don’t have an account click here to open one.

These songs will be available in your account for a year, during which you’ll be able to download the songs unlimited times.