Tips and secrets to sing much better

How to significantly improve your voice

Everyone wants to sing, but can anyone do it? What do you think? I believe so. I think every one who proposes it can do it because singing is neither more nor less than a muscular job controlled by the mind. Maybe you’ve been told that you couldn’t sing, that you weren’t born for that, but I encourage you to persevere because I’m convinced that you can do it perfectly. If you’re reading this article surely you’re already singing and what you want is to improve your performance, so here I’ll give you 10 tips for you to significantly improve your vocal technique.

1. Prepare yourself. First of all you must accept the fact that studying is fundamental. If you’re not developing a vocal technique with a professor you’re not only wasting time, but you’re taking the risk of hurting yourself. My first advice is that you look for a professor that teaches you how to develop a professional vocal technique.

2. One thing is to learn, and another thing is to train. Voice is something that goes trough the mouth, but the mind is the one who execute orders to the muscles you must train. That’s why every day you must dedicate at least 30 minutes to train your voice. Go back to what you’ve learned with your professor and train. 30 minutes a day will make a difference you won’t believe!.

3. Record your voice. It’s fundamental that you listen and get to know yourself. You can record yourself with a cellphone, but if you want good results I recommend you to record your voice on a backing track. If you don’t know how to do it, I’ll leave you a link to another tutorial of mine where you’ll learn how to record your voice on a backing track so that it sounds excellent.

4. Be yourself. Don’t try to imitate other singers. The majority of us when we start singing we have something called ‘vocal ghost’, which means that we imitate a singer who has stayed in our mind, but we have to cast it out and let our voice develop it’s true identity. That’s why, you should record and listen to yourself like I’ve told you before. Unless you’re an imitator, the worst thing that can happen to you is that people tell you that you sing like other artist. Producers are always looking for original products!

5. Get music! Get some backing tracks of songs you like, well-known songs, and record them with your voice. Try to sing them with your own voice and style and don’t try to copy the original singer. Here I’ll leave you some free backing tracks for you to download, that were made by me. If you don’t find the songs you’re looking for write me because I can make them for you.

6. Know which is your vocal range and your tessitura. Take care of your voice! You need to understand that unlike other instruments that you can buy again if they break like a guitar, your vocal chords are an instrument that’s unique and irreplaceable. That’s why you should to sing in your vocal register within the range in which you were designed to sing. However, you can expand your limits with practice, study and training, but don’t exceed your limits by force. Also, you shouldn’t either yell with friends. What do I mean? That sometimes we can get carried away by the environment and shout with friends at a party or celebrate a goal at the top of our lungs, but I recommend you that you take care of your throat. Remember, you only have one instrument available!.

7. Loose your shame. How many times has someone asked you to sing and you’ve started to say: ‘No, no, I’m embarrassed’. Well that needs to stop right now! A singer is not ashamed so renounce to shame… except you want to be a shower singer for the rest of your life. You need to let the fear go, there are no magic tricks for this, you just need to say to yourself: ‘I can and I will do

8. Accept yourself and move on. The first times you record and listen to yourself it’s very likely that you don’t like your voice and that you feel that you sound bad, but I invite you to love and accept yourself, embrace who you are and enjoy what you do. You are one of a kind, so the idea is that when people hear you sing, they listen to you and not someone else. You will see that when you start accepting yourself, other people will do the same and not just that, once you accept the voice you have, you’ll notice that you’ll start to noticeably improve your singing.

9. Develop your identity. Success in music and singing is not about being good, but being original. There are thousands of great singers, but their identity is just not there. They don’t sound like themselves, they don’t look like nobody but they also don’t enhance any aspect of themselves. Discover what makes you be who you are, and show it. Try to be original, and that doesn’t mean necessarily that you do something that nobody else is doing, but that nobody is able to make it like you.

10. Persevere! Don’t give up. Understand that success is not measured by how many listeners you have, or how many fans are following you. Success is when you are happy with what you do, and if you enjoy what you do others will do it too. That is when everything else will come.

I hope that these 10 tips I gave you (which I’ve learned through experience over the years) help you to grow musically. If you apply them I’m sure they will help you with your career. See you in the next tutorial. Regards!