Every time you send a song to me I'm more than happy, and I really appreciate all the trust you have deposited in me for the last 20 years. I thank you all for the job you provide me every day! Every Custom backing track has a story behind the play. There's a person who wants to sing and another person who makes the backing track. The list bellow is a mixture of stories where the customer and the producer find each other to get a common result: Happiness for both.

custom backing tracks custom backing tracks custom backing tracks custom backing tracks custom backing tracks

custom backing tracks
custom backing tracks
custom backing tracks
custom backing tracks
custom backing tracks
custom backing tracks
Hi Nico, Oh my god. Once again it’s totally amazing. I love it. Thanks, Neil London Karaoke

You did it again, Nico - it's amazing! Everything sounds just wonderful, spot on! I'm so thrilled with the backing tracks you've produced for me. It's a dream come true to finally have them, and I'll definitely be back with more! Thanks so much! Patricia

Hi Nico Both tracks are amazing 100% the best Thank you once again, I will rehearse with these soon in a week or so and will send you a video ok thank you so much Nico. Peter

What can i say its "FRIGGIN AMAZING" Only one very small minor amend my fault & not yours - i know think my 30 second intro is far too long (GOES ON A BIT) think can i have this copy and another copy with 15 seconds or approx of the intro missing, What do you think? I LOVE IT Simon

Hi Nico , Just amazing what a version thank you thank you my dear friend the best . More songs to come to you later Pete

Your turnaround time was amazing on those last 2 tracks! I’ll send more early next month. Thanks again and hope you are well. Howard

Thank you so much, you have succeeded in meeting the challenge - I appreciate the extra effort that you and your team have made. So once again, thank you for your professional perseverance - you have made it happen and I am truly appreciative. Joe

Thanks Nico all received, amazing backing track as usual! Wonderful piano! Rachel

Hi Nico, Once again a fabulous job. I cannot thank you enough.... It is super. Big thanks to you and the gang.

Nico, it’s amazing!!!! I’m literally jumping in my seat, thank you so much!!! Absolutely thrilled. I have a couple more I need for Thursday 13th, will email through tomorrow! Maxine

Sensational! The playback is as always very successful! You have captured the mood of the original perfectly. Thanks for two versions. I think the one with choir is better! Thanks for everything my friend. Perfect. I get goosebumps when I hear your playback. It’s just great! Great playing, it’s almost better than the original. You are the best! Tom

Nico, Got it! you did a Great job!!!!!!! Thanks, Mark

Hi Nico, It's beautiful! You replicated it perfectly, capturing the exotic mood and how the song gradually builds. Thanks so much! Pat

Nico, It's always a pleasant surprise to come home from work and find some more tracks done. Thank you, it sounds absolutely perfect! Shawn

Hi Nico I received the track thank you so much absolutely superb you have made my day. Many Many Thanks Andy.

Awesome! You did an excellent job capturing the energy and overall sound of the song, just like always. :) Thanks for another beautiful track, Nico! Patricia

Oh my GOODNESS!! Nico!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!!! And came just in time for my rehearsal with the kids tonight. Wow. Thank you again. I will definitely be coming back to you within the next few weeks to create a couple more custom backing tracks. M.J

Perfect! I sang it live on the weekend and it brought the house down so thanks! PHIL

Dearest super-talented Nico, I genuinely feel overwhelmed. Your production quality is incredible and your attention to detail, extraordinary. You are SUCH a talented man. I can not fault your arrangement, you have pulled out details I am hearing for the first time, I am smiling so much it hurts! I am the fussiest guy in the world Nico... but I genuinely can not fault it.
Thank you so much. It sounds so incredibly detailed, so authentic, powerful, funny, aggressive and incredibly magical. You have painted the most colourful and layered painting. Thank you for all your sweat and hard work. I don’t underestimate how much energy must have gone into creating it. You truly are an artist.
I don’t know what I was expecting but from the first second to the huge explosive ending, I just kept smiling. So many details! So rich and layered! The little ‘bell’ sounds are delicious!!!
I am truly overwhelmed Nico. I organise a lot of variety nights in London and I am going to recommend you to everyone. EVERYONE. My dog, my mother, everyone will hear of you. Thanks, Al.

OMG... You really nailed that one man. Thank You !!! Robert

Wow.. you can't get anymore perfect than that. That was hard one and your guys did a beautiful job with it. I think that was record time too!

Hello! Nico Its Amazing! Perfect from A to Z. Thank you!! Cant wait to have the Wav files to start recording it! Sandro.

I tested Nico by asking him to produce a Progressive Rock track by Genesis. I purposely sent him this request first to see if he could recreate the elements and quality of sound that is needed for that genre. The track is superb with full instrumentation and the production quality is pro quality. I fully intend on having Nico produce a show's worth of tracks for a new show that I am doing. I have been searching forever to find someone to create pro tracks of songs that no one does tracks for, and I have found him.
Tom Bender, tombendermusic.com (Niagara Falls, NY USA)

Great job on the last two tracks you created for me Nico! Luciano.

Holy moly that was amazing. I’m Impressed! Send me an invoice for the next one. Howard.

Awesome work as always! Thank you. Robin


We got this song AND Another Day, Another Dollar. Both were excellent! Thank you, George

Hello Nico, Thank you soso much for these. They are great from what I have listened to of them! Will definitely use you again in the future and recommend you. Thanks again for your help, and getting them to me so quickly. Ariella

Thank you Nico. Perfect and so quick. I love it god bless you xxxxx. Carol

Hi nico, Pure master peace of a track amazing. Well done Nico. Pete

Hi Nico, thank you very much for the 3 tracks. they are perfect:-) please send me the wavefiles of all tracks, thank you, kindly. Thomas

Thank you so much! I think you did a super job and I love it! Big smile here! John

Hello, Nicko my dear friend! This was amazing!!! What shall I say!!Iam almost speechless here. The song took many new levels up, and all my expectations are so far met. Thank you so far, Nico! This is a huge step in the right direction to complete my dreams as a artist. Stan

Hi Nico, Amazing once again. Pure class my dear friend. Tomorrow I will get the next track. Pete

Hello Nico, Fantastic job on both, I do agree that the original girl's mix is not as clean as the produced vocals. Well done and thank you so very much. Doug

Thanks, Nico, Incredible work! Thanks so much. Absolutely brilliant! Leandro

Nico, Excellent job. I think this is some of your best work yet. I can't thank you enough. You have no idea what this means to me. I will have more to come my friend. Bill

This is fantastic. I think of all of the songs you have done for me, this one is my favorite. You nailed it; not only is the sound perfect but you captured the vibe. Thank you! Shawn

WOW!!!! Amazing! What a BRILLIANT track, Nico! I love it; thank you so very much! I wish I had discovered you long ago! Best wishes, Jess

Your work is ALWAYS THE BEST. I will be having you do more in the future! Regards, Scott

Hi Nico. As ever, it's excellent quality. Thanks so much . Great sound Nico. Brock

I have no words to describe what I just listened to nico. I was in tears by the 2nd verse!! That was a tremendously accurate reproduction with perfect dynamics. Thank you so much and i cant wait to send u more songs in the future. Once again that was incredibly awesome my friend....a religious experience. Grazie. Luciano

Thank you Nico! I have sang My Friend Jesus 3 times already! Everyone loves the arrangement and I am so happy to get soundtracks for these older songs! Jeanne

Hi Nico. Spot on. Excellent as ever ! Thanks. Chris

Dear Nico. I can listen to your playback over and over again. You’re a genius! I don’t know how you do it, but you are a master in producing perfect Playbacks with instruments. LOVE IT! Tom

Hi Nico. You guys recorded a couple tracks for me last year and did a SUPER JOB at a VERY REASONABLE price. In fact one of the tracks SOUNDS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL SONG! When I need more tracks done, you will definitely be the one I go to. You guys are the best on the planet. Feel free to post these comments on the internet to help people know how good you guys are! Louis

Hi Nico, Thanks very much that is just exceptional I transcribe music but I couldn't do it as well or as quickly as you have Thank you very much. Have a great day. Regards. Graeme

Hello Nico, the song tracks you sent me are unbelievably fantastic. They are better than in my wildest dreams, way better than the original music tracks. Thank you so much. Alan

Nico, AMAZING!!!!! Absolutely blown away. BEYOND my expectations. SO SO happy to have found you. Jeff

Hi Nico Sounds Awsome to me mate, Ill get it on the pa and have a sing to it and email back a copy see what you think, Of course will need mixing and mastering as i only know how to record but nothing else so its just one take and see what comes out lol. Cheers Craig


I tell you man.. Power Pop is just in your wheelhouse. Both "I Can't Live A Dream" and "It's Alright, It's Okay" were superb! I especially loved "Dream". The vocals were amazing. Tony

Excellent Nico... They sound fantastic. Thank you for your assistance. Mark

Thanks Nico your a star! key is much better for me now we'll be in touch at some stage for more tracks thanks a million regards. john

Hi Nico, You have done it again!! Amazing service and Track. I can't thank you enough for your understanding. I apologise once again for not contacting you first. I look forward to having more tracks created by you in the future. Thanks Simon

Couldn't be any better Nico. Thank you! Tony

Hiya, We've all just listened to it, and we LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much! Such a hard job i gave you! I will definately ask for more when we need them next year. Thank you again for all your hard work. Catherine

Hi Nico, WOW what an amazing job. Sounds Fantastic! Thank you so much for the excellent service. I will be passing your name around to other artists in need of professional backing tracks. Simon

Thank you Nico. It sounds great as always and thank you for adding the back vocals too. It all sounds great. Linda

OMG it sounds AMAZING! Thanks so much man. You'll definitely be hearing from me again. Thanks again. Steven.

Nico, Nico, Nico! I’ve listened to them both a few times now and, Oh…. My…. Goodness!!! I’m lost for words! This is really good. So much better than expected. Thank you so so much! And thank you for providing the backings, both with and without BVs. It’s very helpful to me. To be honest, I usually buy my backing tracks from Karaoke Version and other such online backing track online stores, where the quality is pretty good most of the time, and each track costs only a few pounds, but because I wanted something special and couldn’t find it anywhere, I did what I wouldn’t normally do and searched out a company like yours. I really didn’t know what to expect when I purchased your services, even though I’d listened to some of your recordings online. I’ve never done ANYTHING like this before, so I was very worried about the end result. I'd put my trust (and my hard earned money ) in you without really knowing whether or not you’d be able to deliver what I wanted. I have to say that I am not at all disappointed with what you’ve done for me, Nico. I feel totally confident that I’ll be able to ‘deliver’ this song on my niece’s wedding day and that she and her husband-to-be will be very pleased. Now, all I have to do is upload them to my thumb drive. The musical arrangement was practically spot on, and sounded so soulful, which is exactly what I wanted. I LOVE both tracks. And, you were right, I needn’t have worried about the backing vocals. They were very gentle. I sang along with them and it sounded absolutely fine. Oh! And I love the way it ‘ended’, too. As it went on, I suddenly thought I hadn’t discussed with you that I’d rather it ended than faded out. I was a little disappointed as the song was nearing its end but was willing to live with it. Then when it ‘ended’, it was perfect! Happy again! No doubt in my mind that I will definitely be using you again. And recommend you to my friends. I’m very happy. Thank you again, Nico. And have a great remainder of the week. Kind regards, Colette

Oh my heavens!!!! Amazing! PERFECTION! Thank you so very much! I LOVE IT! Krystal =D

OUTSTANDING!!!! I GOT IT THIS TIME. Until the next one.......be safe and happy. Joe

Another masterpiece good Sir. :) Thanks again Nico! Shawn

Hi Nico, I should've come back earlier but I just wanted to say how fantastic a job you did on Steady. It was exactly how I wanted. Are you able to do another one for me? Thanks. Jen

NICO! You did a fantastic job! I am so happy about this track. I can do without the harmony voices...there are two harmonies behind the lead singer....I like it like this! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I will contact you soon for more! Rich

Nico, your turn around time on my last two songs has been incredible. Is it even possible to be even better at what you do? Thank you - the song sounds great! I'll be in touch with more song requests soon enough! Shawn

OMG that's amazing! So pleased thank you so much for your help. I can't wait to get in the recording studio. Thanks again I will tell everyone about your site, thank you so much! Chris

Nico.. This one is absolute perfection! This is the standard by which I hold you guys accountable for! And kudos to those guys who sang the background vocals on this one without cracking up LOL. Tony

NICO! Thank you! So much! Excellent work! You never let me down. You are the best! Richard

Nico, Got the two songs.Thank you. Will have more to request very soon. Richard

Hi Nico, Yes got it now..Many Thanks for delivery on time.. Great Track.. Very Best Wishes. Martin

ok, that sounds great. Thanks for remembering to detune it. Just send the rest when you get them and please also detune ‘source of infection’ and ‘fools’. Dan

Will be sending 2 more songs for production. More blues coming your way!!! You and your entire production team (especially your guitarists) are the best. Your songs, in many cases are better than the originals! Thanks again for the fine quality tracks through all these years. Ed

Hi Nico - I am SO HAPPY! It's perfect! SINcerely, Lady

GREAT as usual, Nico. Both songs are exceptional. I have two more to send you the first of the month. Thanks again. Joe

Nico, Thank You so much!!!! This is perfect. Thank you for adding the background!!!!!!!!! You are my saving grace!!!! Kimberly

Nico, You are truly a master - it sounds fantastic. You really hit this one out of the park. Thank you. I'll be back again as soon as I figure out the next song! Thanks again (and again, brilliant work), Shawn

Nico, The tracks are great! Thank you so much. I'll definitely keep you in mind if I need custom tracks in the future. Daniel

Thank You Nico! Your tracks are always incredible. I never have a bad experience and the delivery is fast! You are the go-to person for customized tracks! Richard


As always, you've done an amazing job. The tracks are so great. I will recommend to everyone I know that needs tracks. Chuck

NICO! IT IS PERFECT! I have always wanted this track and you came through with it perfectly! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Wow! Richard

Yes. Got it and it's great. Thank you!! Jeff

Got it! I actually received it week before last--Thank you once again! I will be back in touch with you very soon for some more great backing track productions! Cheers, Jon

Very good backing Nico. Thanks. Danny

Wow that sounds a lot better for me as the singer, this key is easier for me to sing this song. Can't wait to Hear the Ambush backing Track when you finish it, Cheers. Garry

Thank you Nico! First impression; sounds great! Looking forward to putting it into practice. Have a great day! Best regards, Børge

Thank you Nico! The quality is beautiful. Jamie

Confirmed. They sound great. Thank you. I will probably have a couple more for you to do. Thanks again. Chuck

Hi Nico. Just downloaded the 3 tracks. Awesome simply awesome. Can't wait to perform them.Superb work my friend. kind regards. Ricky

Yes Nico................ I have it and thanks so much. It sounds fantastic. Ray

Perfection! Tony

Hello Nico. I've been practising it all day. It's really great and I can see that you have even made it a little better in some places! I will be very proud to perform this now with such good backing track. Thank you so much. Jamie

Perfect! You're a true artist. Nobody does it better! Thanks. As usual! Tom

Hi Nico, That is all from the orders - thank you so much for the set! I am absolutely delighted with each of them and I know they will get plenty of use. Many thanks to you and your team for all the effort and attention to detail put into these - particularly at such a busy time of year. So impressive the range of genres you capture and I will certainly be back in the future should more come in handy. All the best for 2017! :) Alex


Hi Nico, Thanks for the track sounds great!! John

Awesome my friend......thanks for your work and have a wonderful 2017. God bless, Ray


Thanks, Nico!!!! Both backing tracks sound great!!! Awesome, job!!!!! - Dave

Thanks for the song Nico , It sounds excellent.. Both playback and stereo versions sound great.. Fantastic job.. Thank you.. Harry

You guys are amazing. Love the ghostliness - guitars, percussion, brass, backing vocals all absolutely spot on - nailed it - this is one of my favourites of yours! Alex

You guys are amazing. Love the ghostliness - guitars, percussion, brass, backing vocals all absolutely spot on - nailed it - this is one of my favourites of yours! Alex

Nico - the song sounds great! Excellently done Sir. I will definitely be making some more requests, and soon. I wish happy holidays.Thanks again. Shawn

Yes, thanks so much Nico. I love it thanks again. Cheers, Colleen:-)

Thank you for your work. These sound fantastic! Kind Regards, Dani

Thank you for your prompt response both track sounding very good, Excellent Reproduction, particularly with the Backing Vocals. Cheers, Garry

Hi Nico, Super stuff -This is just perfect Nico! that was quick!! All received and an inspired arrangement as always! :D Many thanks to all - the attention to detail is superb and you’ve caught this absolutely spot on!!! Alex

Hi Nico.This is great. Many thanks for making this track. Just in time. I'm glad you have a non backing vocals version also! Kind regards, Karen

Hello my friend. I have another job for you. I’m very happy with the three playbacks you already made for me. You’re a genius! Tom

Hi Nico. I am so impressed with the backing track you did for me a few weeks ago that I was wondering if we could do another 2 tracks. Ricky

Thanks Nico. The track sounds great as ever Chris

Thank you Nico. That was pretty quick this time! I'm convinced that you guys do your best work with crunchy guitars and synths in pop rock tunes. Thankfully I like a lot of pop rock tunes! You did awesome with this one! Tony

Dear Nico. Can I say one word.....SUPERB... never in my wildest dreams did I ever think i'd hear the backing track to this song. You have done a wonderful job, so much better than I expected. When I listened to it for the first time I just had to sing along and I can tell you it brought tears to my eyes as I sung it. The song means so much to me as it reminds me of my own father who passed away at such a young age of 42...You have made an old man very happy and what i'd like to do is when I get round to recording the song can I send you a copy for your approval and honest opinion.?. Kindest regards.. Ricky

brilliant thank you I shall be using you again!! John

Thanks Nico, I have it and it sounds really good. Ray


Excellent work on first listen Nico. Tom

Ok brilliant and if u could bring bvs up in the mix then I'm completely happy. Alan

Received songs. GREAT work as always. Thanks again! Thanks, Cindy

Great Job Nico thanks!we will be back. Tommy 16/09/2016

You’re a hero. Thanks Nico. Just how I want it. You’re do it every time. When do you come to Belgium? Greeting. Danny.

Awesome, both sound great on first listen! Thank you. Ryland

Wow! I’m listening to it over my headphones right now, and you hit the spot! Just marvelous! Great job! It’s perfect. Tom

Hi Nico, Wow that was fast, I didn't think you would finish it already! You did a good Job! I like it! Thank you very much, I appreciate it! God Bless, John

Thanks Nico....I have it. Nice work. Ray

Hi Wow fantastic worth the wait thank you Paul

Thanks very much Nico, it is fantastic. Kind regards Sarah

Nico! Thank you so much! Wow! I love it! Every single time I send you a challenge....you rise to the occasion! I am so happy. More orders to come soon! Richard

It sounds great Nico.. Thank you very much. I'll be ordering another one shortly. Tony

Hello Nico, Thank's for the 2 versions of the song.. Both sound great,really nice even better then the original.. You done a great job. Fantastic! thanks, Harry

Awesome, both sound great on first listen! Thank you. Ryland

Received Nico.... Absolutely love both soundtracks! Thank you Great Musicians! Many Blessings Jeanne

Wow! I have listened to the whole song, and it is just absolutely wonderful. No edits needed. Please tell your team that they are awesome!! Thanks! George

It's perfect.. thank you! Tony

Hi Nico, That sounds awesome! Nice work! Thank you. Best wishes, Dave

Hi Nico, That sounds awesome! Nice work! Thank you. Best wishes, Dave

Hello Nico, Thank's for the 2 versions of the song.. Both sound great,really nice maybe even better then the original.. You done a great job. Fantastic! thanks, Harry